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Elementary Science Unit - Energy. For teachers or learners. Includes online lessons, games, videos, hands on activities, reading, writing and math free printable worksheets. History of energy, atoms, states of matter, potential & kinetic energy, forms of energy, renewable & more.
Writers Workshop - Learn how to set up a writers workshop in your class. Learn about teaching Prewriting, First Draft, Revising, Editing, Publishing & more.
Reading Strategies - Free, printable strategies for developing & experienced readers. Understand the four general purposes of reading. Develop reader's strength with prior knowledge, the context of the reading situation and much more.
State Testing - View and use practice K-8 state tests & sample CRT's from around the nation. Test taking skills & tips.
Writing Process - 6+1 Writing Traits: Prewriting / Brainstorming, Drafting, Responding / Revising, Editing & Publishing. Step-by-step instructions.
San Diego Quick - A fast, effective, reading assessment of your new students reading levels. Printable word banks.
Rounding - Free math worksheets for rounding to nearest ten and hundred. Great way to teach students as a new concept. Comes with a number line.


Free Printable Math Notebook
Best for grades 2-6. Includes over 80 pages of fill-in math vocabulary and dozens math tools.
Math Tools notebook journal

GED Class Online

Online resources for students in homeschool programs who want to prepare in math, english and writing for GED or earn a high school diploma should check out www.GEDOnlineDiploma.com


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Addition / Subtraction - Teach fact families instead of counting on fingers! Free printable addition & subtraction fact families practice worksheets and printable quizzes. Mixed practice quizzes. Double & triple digit with & w/out regrouping.
Multiplication / Division - Need to give a quick multiplication quiz to your students? Free printable multiplication worksheets 1-12's for tests or practice. Double & triple digit multiplication. study table with & without answers. Division worksheets.
Writing Rubric - Make grading writing easier! Free printable Scoring Rubric for Writing Conventions: Organization, Ideas, Voice, Word Choice & Sentence / Fluency.
DIBELS Reading Assessment - Dynamic - Indicators - of - Basic - Early - Literacy - Skills. Learn what DIBELS is & how it can help you diagnose reading levels by knowing what area they need to help at. Complete instructions on how to implement as a year long assessment.
.Fry Sight Words - The first 1000 words to learn in English. Printable!
Second Language Tips - Easy to implement Language Acquisition Strategies, Accommodations & Modifications for ELL Learners. Teaching English Second Language.
English Spanish Cognates








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The Teachers Cafe is designed to, first and foremost, give teachers and home school parents free resources to make their lives easier and to improve their teaching. In addition, it gives parents the tools to aid and tutor their children. Finally, it allows students and all learners of the world to gain knowledge at their own desires and motivation.
Online interactive activities and games in the subjects of reading, math, writing, science, social studies and grammar make learning fun and effective. The online activities directory in The Teachers Cafe will enhance the teacher's lessons and give parents an alternative to boring work, not to mention an alternative to video games.
The lesson plans directory will give teachers an easy-to-use, categorized gathering of the best web sites that provide free lesson plans. Parents who do home schooling or tutoring can use the lesson plans for ideas and to see what is being taught.
The worksheet directory gives teacher's last minute ideas for homework or class work or enhances the experienced, prepared teachers supplies of resources. Parents and home schoolers can use the many free printable math, reading, grammar and writing worksheets to give the children extra practice.
The assessment directory aids teachers in finding the best ways to access their students learning while parents can monitor the children themselves.
The Teachers Cafe also gives help with directories for Specialist, Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) or (TEFL) or (ESL), education news, centers ideas, classroom management help, holiday art, online classes and children's books.