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The Teachers Cafe is designed to, first and foremost, give teachers free resources to make their lives easier and to improve their teaching. In addition, it gives parents the tools to aid and tutor their children. Finally, it allows students and all learners of the world to gain knowledge at their own desires and motivation.
Online interactive activities and games in the subjects of reading, math, writing, science, social studies and grammar make learning fun and effective. The online activities directory in The Teachers Cafe will enhance the teacher's lessons and give parents an alternative to boring work, not to mention an alternative to video games.
The lesson plans directory will give teachers an easy-to-use, categorized gathering of the best web sites that provide free lesson plans. Parents who do home schooling or tutoring can use the lesson plans for ideas and to see what is being taught.
The worksheet directory gives teacher's last minute ideas for homework or class work or enhances the experienced, prepared teachers supplies of resources. Parents and home schoolers can use the many free printable math, reading, grammar and writing worksheets to give the children extra practice.
The assessment directory aids teachers in finding the best ways to access their students learning while parents can monitor the children themselves.
The Teachers Cafe also gives help with directories for Specialist, Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) or (TEFL), education news, centers ideas, classroom management help, holiday art, online classes, children's books and an Idea Forum where teachers can chat and share ideas.

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