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Fraction Number Lines: Tenths

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Why Math Notebooks?

Math Notebooks or Math Journals are a students companion, guide and reflection journal through out their school year. It is a place where they record thoughts about math, reflect on learning, workout and practice problems, build their math vocabulary. In addition it is a resource of math tools to aid their problem solving.

Students self-discovery is accomplished in their problem solving which is a key component of the Math Common Core.


Suggestions for Setting up Math Notebook

Request a 1 1/2 inch binder and four dividers for school supplies from parents and/or sell the need to your administration.You can also request 5 dividers or make them with students.

Print, copy back-to-back, use a electronic hole puncher (try the office, you never know!).

Start the notebook ASAP.

They leave the notebook in class, unless you have angels.

Sections: 1.Problem Solving or Problem of the Day. 2. Class Work or Independent Practice. 3. Notes. 4.Reflections. 5.Vocabulary. 6.Math Tools.


Best print view: Explorer


This math notebook or math journal is best for 3rd-5th grade. You can supplement for second and sixth grade. We will do are best to bring you free Math Notebooks for each grade at a later date.


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