State Tests

Nevada - CRT or Criterion Referenced Tests. PDF. View or print practice CRT's for Grade 3 through Grade 8 Math and Reading. Includes "Item specifications".
California - CST. Grades 2 through 11 math, English-Language Arts, History-Social Science and Science Tests.
Texas - State Developed Alternative Assessment (SDAA). K-10 PDF, printable sample test Interactive online versions.
New York - Grades 3-8 Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies Tests.
Florida - Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. FCAT. PDF. Grades 3-10. Interactive test grades 3, 7, 9, 10.
Interactive Tests - Click answers online and click "score test: & get an instant score. A collection of several subjects and several grade-levels.
Jefferson Lab - Virginia State Standards of Learning Practice Tests. Interactive test for grades 2-12 covering: Science, Math, Technology, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Algebra I, Algebra II & Geometry. Virginia State Tests.
Ohio - Practice tests for Ohio's required achievement tests in reading, math, science, social studies & writing. Grades 3-8. Large print versions available.
Michigan - Grades 3-9 Item Descriptors & printable PDF tests covering all subjects.
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Test Taking Strategies

Test Taking Tips - Test Preparation. Multiple Choice, Essay, True/False, Oral, Short Answer, Math & Open Book.
Elementary Test Taking Strategies - Top 25 suggestions & strategies.
Scholastic - Great article and how to help students prepare for Standardized Tests. Includes: Three Surefire Strategies for Reading Comprehension and Six Tips for Nipping Test Stress in the Bud.
Read the Directions Exercise - Designed to give students practice in reading test directions & locating key words.
Test Taking Strategies - If you were to prepare for a test the way you might prepare for a big game, you’d probably make a game plan. Here are a few tips for winning at the testing game.
Test-Time Strategies for Students, Parents & Teachers - Tips for preparing for the test, during the test, after the test, test anxiety.
Lesson Planet - Test taking strategies' lesson plans and worksheets.
Multiple Choice - When you aren't sure about the answer and you have to guess us these 11 tips on taking a multiple choice test.
Free teacher & homeschool resources: Free ESL, Reading, Writing, Math worksheets online activities & CRTs


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Free teacher & homeschool resources: Free ESL, Reading, Writing, Math worksheets online activities & CRTs