Hands-on Energy Activities

Solar Energy Activity - Shows how energy from the sun can be collected and stored in many ways.
Potential Energy Activity - Stretch a rubber band without letting go, to demonstrate potential energy.
Gravitational Potential Energy Activity - Basketball Bounce - See how gravity pulls the ball towards the Earth creating kinetic energy as it drops until it hits the ground and converts it back into potential.
Chemical and Mechanical Energy Activity - Rocket Experiment - When baking soda and vinegar are mixed together the bonds break and the molecules rearrange themselves to produce a gas releasing energy.
Diet Coke & Mentos Eruption - Chemical Energy experiment with explosion!
Chemical Energy - Carbon dioxide given off by a baking soda and lemon juice reaction by funneling the gas through a soft drink bottle will blow up balloons.
Water Molecules Movement - This experiment tests if hot water molecules really move faster than cold ones.
Heat (infrared rays) - The experiment answers: What Other Type of Energy Accompanies Light from the Sun?
Get the Most Heat Energy from the Sun - Compare the effect of color on heat absorption.


Hands-on Energy Activities

Chemical and Electric Potential Energy - Demonstrated through a battery in a flashlight. In batteries chemicals are used to separate electrons (- charge) from protons (+ charge), momentarily moving them.
Sound Energy - Good "Sound" Vibrations Experiment - Sound is caused by vibrations that moves air molecules in waves.
Sound Energy II - Speed of Sound - Sound travels faster through metal and brick than it does in air. To demonstrate this find a brick or metal building.
Sound Wave Experiment - Move a human skeleton! The links above the skeleton tell you more about the workings of the human body.
Thermal Energy and Heat Explorations - SpoonsSpoon Experiment - How Heat Travels through Conduction.
Heat Transfer - The heat from your hands is transferred through conduction to the air in the bottle warming the air. This causes the air molecules to move faster which makes the penny jump.
Potential and Kinetic Energy Experiment - Students will observe and record the amount of work done by marbles rolling down a plane and more fully understand the relationship between potential and kinetic energy.
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Free teacher & homeschool resources: Free ESL, Reading, Writing, Math worksheets online activities & lessons